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 From: Karl Waldron <lakota@clara.co.SPAMTRAP.uk>
 Subject: The "Humanitarian" war
 Date: Monday, 29 March, 1999 6:40 PM

One wonders what has happened to the western governments' intelligence (in
both senses). It is clear that Milosevic could not have sold the west's
position at Rambouillet to his people and survived as President. He has
long proved that this survival is sole his raison d'etre so the air-war
became inevitable once the Kosovars signed up. There is evidence that this
scenario was put to the radicals in the KLA by the moderates in order to
bring the former "on-side".

The error was thus in trying to impose rather than mediate a solution.

What we have now is a potential - and wholly forseeable - disaster. It
seems pretty certain that NATO will not (and cannot) commit ground troops
against a hostile force. The upcoming US election will see to that. Yet
there will be pogroms, and rumours of pogroms, which cannot be controlled
from the air.

The "war" in Kosovo - the one on the ground rather than the one in the air
- will be prosecuted by Serb irregulars - veterans of terror - who will
hold the urban areas and will prove to be brutal against ethnic Albanians.
The KLA are likely to hold the countryside and will be equally brutal
against the Serbs. Such 'troops' don't need tanks. All they need is a gun,
a can of petrol and a box of matches. There is a paradigm shift as to what
is acceptable. Every half-baked bitter and drunken thug with a shotgun, a
pistol or a knife 'joins up'.

In 1991, I covered the flight of the Kurds from Iraqi Kurdistan to Iran for
which resulted in a million Kurds living under canvas. Yesterday, the UNHCR
and International Red Cross flew the tents to Macedonia.

Diplomats are not particularly creative. I'm sure the "Safe Havens" idea
from Kurdistan will be resurrected. Once again we will start drawing the
ethnic maps.

If Milosevic then signs on a personal basis as guarantor to a partial
Rambouillet for a limited area, what price Mr. Clinton's threat of
war-crime charges? The west probably has to maintain Milosovic in power as
the war has so enervated the liberal opposition that the best bet for a
successor in the newly radicalised Yugoslavia might prove to be the (even
more) arch-nationalist thug (and Vice President) Seselj.

Thus by bombing we've alienated and radicalised the Yugoslav people,
virtually destroyed the Yugoslav opposition and given the extreme
nationalists an excuse to neuter the independent media; we've lost all our
independent observers and what little rule of law, and probable
common-decency survived to permit an admittedly imperfect and partial peace
in Kosovo has gone in favour of "law of the jungle justice" and
recrimination; we've displaced - at least temporarily - 500,000 people now,
potentially two million in the coming weeks; we've created a sore in a
notoriously unstable region which will probably suppurate for generations.

We've secured Milosevic another 10 years.

And we've spent millions doing it.

The only positive aspect is that, thus far, it has not "cost the bones" of
any NATO airman. Unfortunately, the bodies of the Kosovars and Yugoslavians
are already piled high.

We are doing this for humanitarian purposes.

In the tradition of Henry Kissinger, Messrs. Clinton and Blair deserve the
Nobel Peace Prize.


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