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What is an appropropriate response?
Political and philosophical considerations after the attack on the Word Trade Center

Response To September 11 Terrorist Attacks
World Federalists Of Canada

The World Federalists of Canada, a non-governmental, membership 
organization, which has for fifty years concerned itself with issues of 
peace, international law, justice and global governance, is, like all the 
world, horrified with the events of Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

We extend our sympathy, and prayers, to the victims, their loved ones and 
to the people and Government of the United States.

We condemn this vicious attack and call for a determined effort on the 
part of the international community to identify the perpetrators and bring
them to justice. In so doing, we affirm that national responses to this 
crime be fully consistent with states' obligations under international law,
including especially, but not limited to, the Charter of the United 
Nations and the laws and customs applicable in international armed 
conflict (i.e. the "Laws of War").

We call on the Government of Canada to continue its support for the rule 
of law and multilateral solutions to global problems.

Clearly, this terrible crime - a crime against humanity - demonstrates the
need for a more thorough international response to terrorism. One important
element in future efforts to address terrorist threats should include a 
fundamentally strengthened system of international criminal justice.

In this context, we are reinforced in our resolve to continue our work to 
bring about the early entry into force of the Rome Statute for an 
International Criminal Court.  The International Criminal Court (ICC) is 
expected to be established in 2002 or 2003. It will be a permanent and 
independent tribunal, which will prosecute individuals who commit genocide,
war crimes, and crimes against humanity. The ICC will further the cause 
of justice and peace by avoiding punishment of whole nations and innocent 
persons for crimes committed by a few individuals.

The ICC is one important element in an emerging global system of 
international justice, one which also includes effective national 
legislation in a growing number of states, and a variety of UN-created ad 
hoc tribunals with national or regional jurisdiction. This evolution of an
international criminal jurisdiction will be an important part of the 
world's long term response to non-state threats to international security 
such as the September 11 terrorist attack.

Finally, we are mindful that times such as these call for increased 
efforts to promote inter-racial tolerance and understanding, in Canada and
the world.

World Federalists of Canada will continue to strive for institutions of 
global justice and democracy that can respond to diverse voices in our 
world community. These are vital tools in creating the necessary 
conditions of social and economic justice, thereby addressing many of the 
root causes of terrorism and armed conflict.


Note: The Rome Statute for an ICC was adopted by a vote of 120-7 on July 
17, 1998. It has been signed by 139 states and ratified by 38.  The Rome 
Statute will enter into force after 60 states have ratified the treaty.